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Discover How to Launch Your Course Or Membership Even if You've Never Sold Online Before - Guaranteed

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Launch Manager Cody Burch releases his Launch Blueprints, and They Are Yours FREE Today!

With These Launch Cheatsheets You Can...

Quickly create pre-launch revenue for your course or membership with a Laid Back Launch.

Learn how to validate your idea before actually creating anything so you don't waste precious time and effort.

Create compelling add-on offers so you can maximize your revenue - even if you've never sold online before.

Learn how to craft a moving "missional manifesto" that attracts your target customers and creates a powerful bond (before you even make them an offer).

Learn how to create a lot "marketplace noise" and chatter around your offer with a Spotlight Launch

Learn how to build a big, warm, engaged audience on social media for as little as $3 a day - even if you've never run an ad in your life.

Learn the most effective strategy for a "cart-open period" so you make sales every day during your launch window.

Create an irresistible "mini-Black-Friday" window so that you can drive ethical urgency and make sales year-round.

Learn the key metrics to track during your launches so you don't waste time and money.

Guarantee That Your Online Program Has Every Element Needed To Attract Qualified Prospects and Convert Them To Customers

These expert-created maps are priceless for launching your idea for a course, membership site or coaching program to the world, no matter your experience level with online marketing or launching.

These maps I want to give you are the very best of everything I've learned over the years about creating great offers and profitably launching them to the world...

Here's What You'll Get When You Claim Your FREE Launch Maps Today...

#1 - My Laid Back Launch Map

The Laid Back Launch is my proprietary method to validate your idea and get customers before actually creating anything.

I also show you how to build social proof by getting these customers share-worthy results.

Finally, turn our customers into partners and advocates to springboard into the Spotlight Launch...

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#2 - My Spotlight Launch Map

The Spotlight Launch is the best way to bring in a flood of new leads and sales.

Phases include: Audience Building, List Building, Pre Launch Promo, Cart Open, Non-Buyer Survey & Cart Reopen.

This launch will explode your email list and bring in tons of buyers.

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#3 - Secret Knock Launch Map

The Secret Knock Launch grows your business between launches. Most businesses go through revenue peaks and valleys in between Launches... a Secret Knock Launch brings in buyers year round.

Phases include: Evergreen Lead Magnet, Urgency Building Deadline and a Secret Knock Offer.

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These Launch Maps are the exact same ones I use daily in my agency to profitably launch courses, membership sites, and coaching programs in all sorts of niches.

Click the orange button below right now to claim yours FREE.

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Launch Maps At Work...

$5,967 in Pre Launch Revenue with

a Laid Back Launch

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I used the exact method in the Laid Back Launch Map for my own membership, The FAM. I made 27 total sales that generated over $5,900 of pre-launch revenue over 4 days... all before I had actually created the membership and with no money spent on ads.

$834,000 with a Spotlight Launch

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I used the methods taught in the Spotlight Launch Map to generate $834K in revenue with $42,000 in ad spend.

That's nearly a 20-to-1 ROI!

Yours Today 100% Free

You just cover the shipping

So why am I giving these away? Simple. This is my way of introducing you to the Perfect Launch System. I want to make sure you have the knowledge and tools to successfully turn your ideas into profitable courses, memberships and programs.

Claim your FREE Launch Maps now while supplies last!

PLUS: Get My "Launch Maps" Mini Course FREE With Purchase

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BONUS: This free mini course + digital downloads are now included with your purchase at no additional cost. You'll get instant access so you can immediately access the Maps + Video Course while the postal service does it's thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you actually MAILING these to me?

Yes - AND you get a Launch Maps mini course AND you get digital copies while you wait for them in the mail.

Where are they shipping from?

I ship them (with the help of my sons) from our home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. We print, laminate, pack and ship them as a family.

Can I just have the digital copies?

Yes. Just complete your order for the Maps and reply to the confirmation email that you'd like them ONLY digitally.

Who are you again?

My name is Cody Burch and I run a digital marketing agency that exclusively caters to online experts, membership owners and course creators ... helping them profitably launch their programs. These Maps are my frameworks for doing so.

Know any good Dad jokes?

"To whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office, I will find you. You have my Word."



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